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Welcome to the website of David Cook.

We are pleased to announce that the thriller, A GIFT TO DIE FOR is now published as an eBook. A GIFT TO DIE FOR can be downloaded from most online ebook sellers including Amazon Apple Kobo SCRIBD Barnes & Noble

Dave turned to writing fiction after a long career in IT journalism. Over the years he has written user guides, features, and reviews for some of the UK's leading computer magazines including Personal Computer World, Practical PC, PC Advisor, PC Network Advisor and others. Most of his articles have appeared in the printed press, though some work may still be available online.

Image: Atelier Sommerland

PLENTY LONG ENOUGH won the 2003 Darklines award in the USA, around the time A GIFT TO DIE FOR was published as a paperback.

We are delighted to announce that Dave's next eBook will be a collection of short stories, all with a crime or supernatural theme. Since all stories will be linked in some way to the Devil, the book will naturally be called DEVIL GAMES. Included will be a slightly longer version of the award winning PLENTY LONG ENOUGH. DEVIL GAMES will be available to download from online eBook sellers by the end of 2020.

Fellow author, Michael Amos ("Homeland" and "The Rocktastic Corduroy Peach") interviewed Dave a number of years ago. Michael's website is undergoing some changes right now, but thanks to the miracles of the Internet the interview can still be found here. Health permitting, Dave is aiming for several previously unpublished works of fiction to become available as eBooks sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Dave has been married to Denise for 47 years. They have three lovely daughters, a remarkable son-in-law, four treasured grandchildren (and one beautiful partner) and one talented great-grandson. Okay, we're assuming Theo is going to be talented. He's only six months old.

Dave and Denise's youngest daughter, Victoria, is an actor, comedian, and BBC script writer. One of Victoria's favourite roles was playing crazy weather girl, Davina Wave, in CBBC's BAFTA-nominated comedy series, DNN.

A former presenter of the early Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Newcastle, Victoria has appeared numerous times on CBBC's All Over The Place and THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK along with several other TV programmes. Nowadays Victoria can be found writing shows such as Mr Tumble for CBBC TV, as well as appearing in front of the camera.

Victoria's blog will be updated with the latest news when she remembers to update it! In the meantime, check out a showreel of Victoria's Davina Wave sketches via the link on the left of this page.

Congratulations are in order for our oldest grandson, Callum and partner Toni for they are now proud parents of a baby boy! Theo is virtually a carbon copy of both parents. And yes, that makes Dave and Denise proud members of the great-grandparent fan club.

When Callum is not looking after disadvantaged children he is a FA level 2, Youth Mod 2 (working towards 3) Grassroots Coach, School Sports Co-ordinator and qualified Gym Instructor. He also has his own Sports Coaching company. Further information and how to book lessons in the North East of England can be found at ExelCoachingNE.